Bollywood Stars Ill-Treating Their Maids Isn’t Something Fans Expected But Sadly, It’s True

11:31 am 8 Jun, 2018


Bollywood stars are nothing without their maids and home staff, while they are away shooting for long hours or even longer days. While these famous celebs have to look after their career, it’s these maids and domestic help which play a great role in keeping their home and even children in good shape. These Bollywood stars’ maids do house management and even sort out their owner’s needs and wants.

After Kylie Jenner used her maid’s hand to test lip-kits, this truth has also been confirmed for Bollywood celebs. Fans will be shocked to know the truth behind this revelation.




Bollywood stars were banned from using the services of, a leading online maid bureau, after reports of their maids being poorly treated surfaced online. Famous Bollywood celebs can’t hire staff from this agency after its CEO wrote a blog post on them.

This is the website which provides maids, baby sitters and home staff to famous celebrities, until now.


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The blog post from Book My Bai, a leading housekeeping service provider, gives insight details of how Bollywood stars‘ maids are treated. Most celebs give them low salary and left-over from those lavish parties.



Here’s a screen shot of the blog post, published by the CEO of Book My Bai, who chooses to remain anonymous citing security concerns.



Another maids service provider, Abhishek Sable, director of Happy Maids Service, has this to say:

“I have stopped taking contracts from Bollywood. In my experience, only a few celebs are good. The others never gave maids decent food. And if they didn’t like the food, they would throw the plate at their face and abuse them.”


Bollywood stars’ maids like Rukmani, Salman Khan‘s caretaker, was in news lately. Salman had not fulfilled his promise of taking care of her granddaughter. In a recent event, she fell at his feet and embarrassed Salman Khan.


Bollywood stars' maids salman



Bollywood stars’ maids serve food even late night when they come as they want. Police doesn’t do anything as they are all well-connected to politicians and ministers.



These Bollywood stars’ maids are also harassed on caste. One Marathi female actress didn’t want people from the Ambedkar caste and also threatened the agency with murder!



Not only TV stars, but even National Award winners abuse maids verbally, physically and financially. Most big stars contact these agencies through secretaries, while TV actors contact directly.



Bollywood stars’ maids are not only underpaid, but not given promised salaries. Out of 35 maids provided, 26 come back harassed to the agencies.




It’s inhuman to have physical abuse when someone is taking care of you. This calls for stricter laws for such people. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments.




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