These 9 Bollywood Stars Have Pledged To Donate Their Organs After Death

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6:10 pm 13 Aug, 2017


1. Aamir Khan


The actor was immensely inspired by the film ‘The Ship Of Theseus  and thereafter, he pledged to donate his organs. He says,

“Kiran and I have discussed it, but we never discussed it seriously till she saw Ship Of Theseus. When I die, I would like Kiran to be able to just call up a number to execute my wish of harvesting my organs. I will donate everything possible to donate, which is typically your eyes, kidneys, liver, heart and even your lungs.”




2. Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka understands the value of organ donation as her late father needed one in the time of emergency. She says,

“I know the value of organ donation as my father at one point was deeply in need of one. I, hereby pledge to donate my organs. If we cannot live as good human beings, we can be nice at least after death.”


3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The beauty queen has pledged to donate her priceless eyes.

It is said that she decided to donate her eyes when she realized the fact that people are madly in love with her distinctive eyes.





4. Sunil Shetty has also pledged to donate his eyes.

He says,“Our religious beliefs go against organ donation. We can save thousands of lives by changing our attitudes.”



5. Nandita Das

The veteran actress has decided to donate all her organs.

She said, “I have always wanted to donate my organs. When we are dead and gone, if our organs could save anyone’s life, then why wouldn’t we do it.”



6. R. Madhavan

The versatile actor has pledged to donate his eyes, his heart, lungs, kidneys, liver pancreas, bones, and cartilages.



7. Rani Mukerji

The actress has pledged that she will donate her eyes after her death.

She believes, “Two eyes donated can light up the lives of two or even four blind people. It is a wonderful feeling to be part of the cause.”



8.  Sonakshi Sinha

She is probably the first actress to have promoted eye donation. In fact, while promoting this cause, she decided to donate her eyes to eradicate corneal blindness.



9. Hema Malini


The legendary actress has pledged to donate her eyes back in 2007 when she became the brand ambassador of Vision 2020.

She says, “I’ll donate my eyes. India needs at least two lakh eyes every year, but we get only 34,000. It is urgent to meet the need.”