Police Bust ‘High Profile’ Prostitution Racket Being Run As A Bollywood Production House

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8:13 pm 27 Jun, 2016

On June 25, police busted a high-profile prostitution racket and managed to rescue two models who were being kept in a flat waiting for “customers”.

The police initially received information about the goings-on at the production house through an NGO called India Rescue Mission (IRM). The house was located at the New MHADA Society, near Lokhandwala Circle in Versova.

James Varghese, President IRM, told the police that Rekha Vaishnav was pretending to be a model and running a sex racket under the guise of ‘VR Entertainment’ production house.


Apparently, Vaishnav used to lure aspiring models to try and make it big in Bollywood. She would become good friends with them, offer them roles in low budget movies, would win over their confidence and then force them to work as commercial sex workers.

Police say that many businessmen and Bollywood celebrities were in touch with Rekha and were her clients. Rekha is reported to also have acted in low budget movies herself.

When the cops learned that two models were being held in the flat against their will, two undercover cops posed as customers and went there. Once inside, the police raided the flat and arrested the female pimp.

The accused woman would force the girls to take part in a nude photo-shoot and then send those pictures to customers via WhatsApp.

Earlier this month, police had busted another racket that involved two models who were seen quite often on the show ‘Savadhaan India’. Once again, most of the deal was done via social media platforms. The models revealed they charged anywhere from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh depending on the assignment.





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