6 Posters Of Famous Bollywood Movies Re-Imagined With Focus On Female Characters. See The Difference!

Updated on 12 Mar, 2018 at 5:08 pm


Happy Women’s Day! While some are effortlessly trying to bridge the gap between the genders and promote women empowerment, there are those whose idea of change is restricted to the praises of fairer sex on just this particular day.

Presently, the spirit of women’s day somewhere got dampened as it seems more of a ritual than the day to observe the change for a better future. The disparity between genders is a story that refuses to end. Prevalent in every sector, it also is very prominent in the Bollywood. Though there are rising concerns about the disparity in the pay, if you look closely the division starts from the basic things.

A reality check of our famous film posters will reveal this sad truth. In a large number of them, the male figure captures a place of prominence or focus. Here we have reimagined some of the famous film posters the other way round.

1. Tiger Zinda Hai


In this blockbuster, the character of Katrina Kaif was crudely sidelined starting from the poster.

2. Bahubali

We all applauded the strong female characters in this movie and wished that they had more screen time. However, despite amazing performances, the disparity can be seen right from the film posters.

3. Pink

The movie that questioned the stereotypical shackles that bind women could have really done better with their film poster.

4. Dangal

Yes, we absolutely loved the movie. However, this is not only about the male protagonist. Right? A reimagined poster would certainly have supported the aspect of women empowerment that this movie promotes.

5. Talaash

A beautifully short film with a strong storyline and mesmerizing acting. However, it was not only the male characters that made this movie a hit. So, why the focus point in the poster is not on the females too? A food for thought!

6. Chakde India

An all-female hockey team gets less space on the poster than expected. The burning example of gender disparity in our film industry.


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