As Deepika Becomes Highest Paid Actress, It’s Crazy How Much Celebs Are Charging Per Movie

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12:49 pm 30 Jul, 2016

If there’s anything I’m sure of, it’s that big-budget movie actors are overpaid. Seriously overpaid. What makes this fact even more unpalatable is that these actors are usually not talented. Especially in Bollywood. Despite the fact that these people earn in lakhs and crores, you see them whoring themselves out for every product available in the market until you’re sick of seeing their overly painted and airbrushed faces everywhere you look.

We know Hindi cinema actresses can charge a pretty penny, yet they still earn a lot less than their male costars. So while it’s a good trend to see actresses now wanting to earn equal pay, it is still somewhat mind-boggling to realize how much these celebrities earn.

With news of her charging Rs 15 crore for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’, where she’ll appear opposite beau Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone climbed to the top of the highest paid actresses list. Take a look:

2016 top paid actresses


And while this may strike some of us as being absurd sums, when compared to their male counterparts, these numbers are nothing. For example, the highest paid actor in Bollywood is currently Salman Khan, and he commands a paycheck of 60 crore.

This was the highest paid Hindi cinema actor list for 2015:

highest paid actors 2015


There had been a steady increase in male actors’ salaries in Bollywood over the years, while female actresses for a long time saw only a marginal increase in their paychecks. With more women-centric roles, actresses have started demanding they be paid more than they were before. Kangana Ranaut broke the record last when she charged Rs 11 crore last year following the success of her solo-starrer ‘Queen’. Now, shortly after her 30th birthday, Deepika Padukone has taken over.


That’s good news on the feminism front, and I am happy to hear it. However, it does strike one as absurd that not only do these celebrities command these sorts of sums for movies, they then earn big figures from endorsements, voice-overs, photo shoots, magazines, and a whole myriad of other ways.

While I am happy to see Indian actresses demand their due, I do long for the day when there won’t be such a big disparity between the haves and the have-nots; where some buy luxury cars on whims while others starve to death on roadsides.

Salman Khan street kids

Salman Khan giving street kids money during ‘Sultan’ promotions. indiatimes



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