This Is What Happens To The Clothes That Bollywood Stars Wear In Their Movies

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11:07 am 7 May, 2018


The wardrobes of Bollywood stars, and especially the clothes that these stars wear so fashionably in their movies have created and still continue to create fashion waves across the nation. The kind of clothes our favorite characters wear in the movies become a style statement and we replicate these for a very long time.

But what happens to these clothes after the movie is shot. Do the stars keep the clothes or are they dumped?





The movie Action Replayy starred Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Khiladi Akshay Kumar, and it was also the debut movie of Aditya Roy Kapoor. In this movie, Aishwarya used a wardrobe of total 125 costumes and she managed to look quite beautiful in all of them. But what happened to them after the movie?




Or let’s take the example of another movie. By now it is a known fact that Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Heroine was one of those Bollywood movies which have used the maximum number of outfits. As per sources, Kareena had a wardrobe of 130 outfits, which she used during the making of this film, in various scenes and songs of the movie. After the movie was completed, what was done with the outfits?




As per industry sources, after the shooting of any movie is wrapped up, all clothes used in that particular movie are put together in a box, labelled with the name of the movie (Action Replayy, Heroine, etc) and sent away to the production house.




These are used by the production house in future movies but not as they were previously used. They are mixed and matched to form an entirely new outfit for e.g the blouse/choli of one costume is paired up with another ghagra or dupatta and so on. However, these are never used by the lead actors again, neither in the same movie nor in any future movie. They are only reused by the background actors or junior artists.




A designer who worked on the outfits of Bunty aur Babli revealed that Aishwarya‘s outfit from the song Kajra Re was later used in the movie Band Baaja Baarat by one of the junior artists in the song Dum Dum. She also said that the outfit is easily identifiable as the same one.





If not reused in this manner, some of these costumes are also auctioned or sold to the fans or the common public. The money collected from such sale or auction is then used for charitable purposes.




In some cases, the costumes are also taken by the actor who wore them in the movie. Sometimes, actresses and actors choose to take their favorite outfit with them. Although they don’t have any intention of wearing it in public, they keep it as a souvenir. Of course, they have to seek the permission of the designer or producer to do so though.

The yesteryear superstar Rishi Kapoor was known to have collected all the sweaters he wore in his movies.





The designers who worked on the film also take the costumes with them at times. Designers like Anju Modi and Manish Malhotra sometimes take their outfits back.





The case of the costumes has always been a curious one. But now we finally know what happens to the clothes that look so good on-screen and on our favorite stars.

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