These Bollywood Celebrities Revealed Their True Life Ghostly Experiences

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Updated on 20 Apr, 2016 at 11:22 am


If you think that ghosts only bother regular people, you’re dead wrong. These Bollywood celebrities have experienced some strange and eerie occurrences. Though you might think “Publicity Stunt!” and be right about it, let’s at least hear them out.


1. Varun Dhawan and Frank Sinatra’s singing ghost

While shooting for the movie ‘ABCD 2’, Varun stayed at the Sinatra suite of a Las Vegas hotel. The room was a favorite of Frank Sinatra’s and rumor had it that the legendary singer preferred to stay there even after his death. As Varun explained, the rumor turned out to be true: “The suite was definitely haunted because at night I would hear someone singing and the doors would just fling open.”


2. Soha Ali Khan and the haveli ghost

Soha Ali Khan and her co-star Mahi Gill experienced strange events while shooting for the film ‘Gang of Ghosts’ at a haveli in Gujarat. The ladies heard unexplained noises coming from empty rooms and felt that some presence would follow them on the sets. They also heard strange noises at night. Says Soha, “Without wasting any time, all the cast and crew members packed up to avoid any unwanted happenings.”


3. Emraam Hashmi and the haunted hotel

While vacationing with friends in Matheran, Emraan spent some time at a hotel where there were no other guests. One night, they heard loud screaming and decided to investigate; they found no one else in the hotel. Spooked, they spent the entire night in one room while the screaming continued. “We shifted out of that hotel first thing in the morning to a hotel where there were other guests too apart from us,” said Emraan.


4. Bipasha Basu and the Mukesh Mill possession

Bipasha was shooting for ‘Gunah’ at Mukesh Mill when she experienced some strange things. She couldn’t learn her lines in some rooms and even the director claimed that he saw strange things while staying at the mill. A few days later, a girl shooting for another film started acting strange, almost as if she was possessed; she was taken to a hospital where she died. Since then, Bipasha has decided not to work in Mukesh Mill ever again.


5. Govinda and the neat old woman’s ghost


While shooting for a movie once, Govinda woke up at night to find and old woman sitting on his chest. He quickly switched on the bedside lamp and the old woman disappeared. He looked around his room and realized that all his things had been arranged neatly, while before going to sleep his stuff had been spread all over the room. “I got so scared that I ran for my life that night and only stopped when I had reached Mumbai. Whenever I recall that incidence, I get goose-bumps,” said the actor.


6. Neil Nitin Mukesh and the light boy

While shooting for ‘3G’, Neil spent some time at a location that was supposed to be haunted. The unit boys complained of a presence and one day, a light boy came running out saying that something had been standing on his side and then had passed right through him. At first, the actor thought the boy was joking but “when he sat trembling like a leaf is when we sat and heard him out.”


7. Ram Gopal Varma and the ‘real’ Manjeet

Manjeet was the ghost in ‘Bhoot’ who became all too real for director Ram Gopal Varma. After shooting till 3 AM one night, when the director reached home and tried to sleep, he kept feeling that Manjeet was watching him. The director tried to ignore it and go to sleep but then he started hearing footsteps; when he looked, there was no one there. He said, “The director in me was telling me Manjeet couldn’t be there. But the man in me was insisting that she was.”


8. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the haunted frame

This story was narrated not by Nawaz but by ‘Aatma’ director Suparn Verma. According to Verma, during the shooting of a scene, the director realized that the photo frame hanging behind Nawaz had become slightly crooked. However, since the actor was totally engrossed in the scene, the director ignored it. A while later, the photo frame came crashing down despite no breeze and the nail still staying firmly in place.


9. Ranveer Singh and the ghost of Peshwa Bajirao

Though the actor says that he doesn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, he did claim to have a supernatural experience on the sets of ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The actor said it was “a very trippy experience” when he felt a presence around him and felt that it was Peshwa Bajirao. One day, some white dust settled on a black wall on the set and the dust took the shape of Bajirao. “It has the turban, the eyes, nose, the mooch and the arms,” said Ranveer.