18 Reasons Why Bollywood Horror Films Suck

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5:00 pm 27 May, 2015


“Daraa rahe ho ki tamasha bana rahe ho!?” (Are you trying to scare me or are you making a fool of yourself?)

The last time I entered a movie hall for a Bollywood horror movie a little late, I thought I had entered a comedy screening by mistake. The laughs were that loud and that frequent. There is something amiss about Bollywood Horror films and here are the reasons why!

Stereotypical Characters: All Horror movies are made with the same kind of characters. The problem with Bollywood is, it takes it to a mind numbing level of predictability. Stereotypical characters of Bollywood Horror Films, in no particular order!

1. A group of over-adventurous youngsters



Hindi Horror film

Like seriously, why did so many people end up taking a bad decision? imgarcade

2. A scared lady


Hindi horror film

Find me one movie without a scared lady! tripod

3. A horny couple


Hindi horror film

Safe sex gaya tel lene. blogspot

4. The non-believer hero


Hindi horror film

I don’t believe in ghosts. I am a Jedi. desimartini

5. Horror Fodder – people we know are going to die


Hindi horror film

Main jara akele, adhi raat ko, jungle mein jaake aata hun! topyaps

6. The Revealer – Old guy who warns/knows the whole story


Hindi horror film

Main aisa dikhta hun kyunki mujhe sab pata hai! youtube

7. The Tantric


Hindi horror film

Vib ziss ee by gongue, I viv kee ghoss. tribuneindia

8. The Psychologist


Hindi horror film

There is no Bhoot, only a psychological disorder called Ram Gopal Verma. sulekha

9. The Policeman


Hindi horror film

There is no Bhoot, only a criminally wasted film maker called Ram Gopal Verma. sulekha

If it was just stereotypical characters, it was one thing, but there is a whole host of things that tend to go wrong only with Bollywood Horror Films!

10. Newbie Directors

For some reason, Bollywood Horror Films are treated like B-Grade films even before they are made. The established names won’t touch them and all they are left with is a B-Grade cast and newbie directors.


Hindi horror film

Bhai ka bhai ke liye apun kuch bhi karega, movie direct bhi! playmoviez

11. RGV

Enough said.


Hindi horror film

Pehle main Anurag Kashyap level tha, Since Bombay Velvet, wo RGV ban raha hai. theunrealtimes

12. Bad actors

We mentioned the B-Grade cast? Horror films also see a lot of actors with dying careers or such familiar faces in the genre that you see the actor and you understand what kind of movie this is!


Hindi horror film

Yes, I am in film. Now I will die in the film. wmcinema

13. Worse effects

If you think the actors are bad, wait till you see the special effects and make up!


Hindi horror film

WTF is this supposed to be!? Monsters on diet? grindhouse

14. Gore instead of Ghost

Honestly, horror doesn’t mean gore all the time. With balgam running down the Bhoot’s nose and generous helpings of ketchup and more screams than strictly necessary, it is more like training for horror, in case you didn’t notice they were trying to scare you.


Hindi horror film

With so many naked people, what else does it lead to but body fluids? india-forums

15. Really bad songs

Tell me two songs from horror movies that you hum, apart from Gumnaam Hai Koi and Baby Doll? You didn’t even know Baby Doll was from a horror movie, did you?


Hindi horror film

But of course, Yo Yo Honey Singh is the horror part of the film. youtube

16. Unimpressive atmosphere building

Screeching tyres, rains, night, lonely road, scary building near jungle with a cemetery on the side. That is it.


Hindi horror film

So much clouds and always full moon? What is this? Night picnic to Cherrapunji? layoutsparks

17. Half assed sequels

A horror movie does relatively well and they come up with a hurried sequel for it and totally spoil the original premise.


Hindi horror film

You mean to say, this does not have Sunny Leone in it? impawards

18. Not enough inspiration from Hollywood

Naina, Click, Raaz, Hum Kaun Hai, Alone, the list is long if you sit down for it. But then again, while they copy, they leave out the good parts.


Hindi horror film

The Blair Witch Project – Resuscitating Jimmy Shergill’s always broken career. impawards


That is it! There are many reasons why Bollywood horror movies suck consistently. Yet there have been a few really good ones – Ragini MMS, Bhoot, Raat, 13B, Pizza. Why do you think most Bollywood horror movies suck so much?



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