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Bollywood Industry Is To Blame For Glorifying Convicted Criminals. Do Fans Do The Same?

Published on 10 April, 2018 at 11:01 pm By

Salman Khan’s conviction in blackbuck poaching case exposed Bollywood as one big ugly family that loves to hide its skeletons even when it’s hanging out in the open. Yes, we are talking about the unconditional support of Bollywood stars for a convicted criminal.



Soon after the verdict, Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan expressed her anguish by commenting:

“I feel bad. He should be given relief. He has done a lot of humanitarian work,”

With pictures and merchandise for sale in the name of charity, the crimes of killing humans or blackbucks become inconsequential. However, in the line of ‘well-wishers’, she is not the only one to express ‘shock’ or ‘sadness’ over the conviction of a criminal. The others joined the bandwagon soon. Here are some of the messages:







If you are shocked to experience the hypocrisy of Bollywood stars, let’s jog your memory by taking you back few years, during the initial conviction of Salman Khan in 2002 hit-and-run case. Some of the biggest names of Bollywood came forward with their unreserved support and love while describing the ‘great’ nature of B-Town’s “Bhai”. Here are some of the tweets:









That case ended with gross mockery of justice when Salman’s driver was convicted instead of him and the recent blackbuck case is going on the same path with the first step being his bail.

It’s not only Salman Khan to whom the celebrities came out supporting and normalizing the crimes. Another significant mention is Sanjay Dutt. He was sentenced to five years in prison for possession of an AK-56 rifle and his connection with the 1993 Mumbai blasts. Guess how the Bollywood biggies reacted? By sharing their ‘sadness’ and how he ‘doesn’t’ deserve it. Here is what the celebrities shared on their social media:







Though not grave as murder or connection with terrorism, Bollywood dutifully stood behind Shah Rukh Khan when he thrashed a guard at Wankhede stadium and the crime was proven. Here is what they shared:


“Kahaani” director Sujoy Ghosh said,”Read about the SRK incident. I think @iamsrk was very decent about the whole thing. I’d have ripped their heads off if it was my daughter (sic).”

Director Anurag Basu commented, “SRK’s behaviour is completely justified, I’d have smashed their heads if it was my daughter.”

Vishal Dadlani tweeted, “Straight up. Touch my family, I destroy you. No question. SRK was right.”

“I’ve got first hand reports of the fracas with @iamsrk. His daughter was touched and shoved. He protected. Well done Dad!! At Wankhede, SRK was a father, not just an actor… Please don’t expect a father to apologise for protecting his baby.. Satyamev Jayate (sic),” Tweet by Ronit Roy.


Undoubtedly, there is an abundant crisis of consciousness in Bollywood that never fails to overlook even the gravest of the crimes and normalize the criminals.

It also raises a big question about the fans – who are commoners. Can’t we take a look and introspect before painting a celebrity as saint or sinner? It’s also our madness to mingle the line between reel and real that acts as the source of power for celebrities and their normalization of crime. The judiciary’s favor for the rich and power-packed community of the B-Town comes from the power we provide to them with our desire to live vicariously.




With the recent Salman Khan conviction, the ‘overwhelming grief’ of the fans again proved that it is us who give them the power to mould and use judiciary. It’s because either we gobble up everything they throw at us or refuse to acknowledge them as anything beyond the negative stereotypes associated with their stardom. Here are some of the instances:








Don’t you think, it’s time for us to stop envying or moralistically judging the Bollywood stars and reduce our insatiable curiosity as fans so that the crime and criminals of the silver screen are perceived through their deeds?


Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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