6 Bollywood Girlfriend Characters That No Guy Would Ever Want To Date

7:30 am 17 Jul, 2018


Rom-com or Romantic-comedy is a widely appreciated genre. Not to forget movies under this genre are absolutely loved by Bollywood fans. Most rom-com movies showcase sweet bubbly girls who are the perfect representation of the girl-next door-and are ideal Bollywood girlfriend material. And that’s because every guy would be glad to have a sweet, romantic yet independent female as his girlfriend.

But not all Bollywood girlfriend characters are the same. There have been many psychos in the history of Indian cinema that serve as a cautionary tale. We bring you a list of six such Bollywood girlfriend characters that no one would really like to take home, have a look:


1. Isha from Gupt


Kajol did an epic job portraying this literally psycho girlfriend who is ready to murder for her boyfriend. Or rather someone she thinks is her boyfriend, the peak of psychotic behavior guys.


bollywood girlfriend 1

Kajol in the movie ‘Gupt’. Source


2. Aaliyah from Break Ke Baad

While the leggy beauty Deepika Padukone is a really good girlfriend in real life, she wasn’t one in reel life. Aaliyah was a commitment-phobic character, who breaks up with childhood love over silly issues. And only awakens from her stupidity when her beau decides to get hitched to someone else.



3. Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara’s Natasha

When your girlfriend surprises you on your bachelor trip, you have to realize that something is super wrong with her. Talk about untrusting, bossy, and clingy, better stay away boys.



4. Sonia from Aitraaz

Now here is a girl you definitely want to stay away from! The moment she finds someone richer than you, she’ll kick you to the curb. However, will try to exert her authority when you try to move on. Scary!


bollywood girlfriend 4

Priyanka in Aitraaz. Source


5. Neha from Fida

Neha is a girl who befriends a guy and then makes a fool out of him leaving him to rot in jail. That’s the kind of girlfriend people would want to stay away from, even in their dreams, right?



6. The spineless Shruti of barfi

No woman likes a spineless man who can’t stand up for her. Well, then why should guys compromise? Shruti is one character who did not have the guts to stand up for her love and chose stability above it instead.


Ileana D’Cruz in a still from ‘Burfi’. Source


Have you ever dated someone resembling these Bollywood girlfriends? Don’t forget to share your story.

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