This Movie On Brother-Sister Incest Is Sure To Stir Up Your Emotions

4:57 pm 17 Sep, 2018


Indian cinema has witnessed the portrayals of stereotypical characters for many years. From the handsome-hunk hero with six-packs to ‘Abla-Nari’ heroine who cannot do anything without the help of the hero, Bollywood films have been presenting love stories to us in the most clichéd way possible. Typical Bollywood love stories start with the meeting of the eyes of the hero and heroine and end with them living happily ever after, but only after an action-packed fight sequence.

However, there have been rare times when the Indian film industry has catered to different genres breaking the barriers of stereotypes. Incidentally, there is a Bollywood film that is touching a subject that has never been picked up in the history of Indian film cinema, the subject of incest.




A film titled I Am Roshni is making history by bringing the story of the affectionate relationship between a brother and a sister. It revolves around the story of a girl named Roshni, who lives in a family with a strict father and insensitive mother.

To add to her troubles, the film shows a sleazy uncle who sexually abuses her and a deceiving boyfriend who misuses her love. Her only comfort in the film appears to be her brother.



However, if you think it is like any other brother-sister relationship, then you are unfortunately wrong. Featuring debutants Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara, I Am Roshni is the story of a romantic relationship between a brother (Yash) and a sister (Ankita). Being still a taboo in India, the concept of brother-sister incest is not widely accepted in our society.



According to Suresh Thomas, the producer of the film,

“Though I Am Roshni is a film that deals with incest, it is far from being a sleazy film. In fact, the film carries a strong social message, highlighting bad parental upbringing. It is crafted in an emotionally sensitive manner that will make viewers deeply empathize with the two innocent protagonists.”



Honestly, it is highly doubtful for a society like ours to wholeheartedly accept the concept of incest in the film because of the censorship on various levels. While this film based on the concept of brother-sister incest received a huge critical claim, it was selected as India’s official entry in 5 International Film Festivals.



Well, in the trailer of I Am Roshni, the protagonist Roshni seems to be troubled by her family and boyfriend, her brother comes to her rescue. The trailer of the film ends with the caption, “An intimate love story of a brother and a sister“.

Sadly, the main question arises here is that even after being highly critically praised, is the Indian society ready to view the relationship between a brother and a sister in an unexpected format.



Even after this, it is not yet clear as to when the film can hit the silver screen. But like it or not, I Am Roshni is bound to bring new surprises at the box-office. While there can be huge criticism for the film for not being too ‘sanskaari’, it is quite evident that the ghost has to come out of the box someday.



Watch the trailer for the film I Am Roshni here:




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