Here’s What Bollywood Has To Say About Demonetization In India Right Now

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6:04 pm 14 Nov, 2016

Even sighing under the cash drought, the debate remains heated when it comes to common man supporting Modi’s bold move of demonetizing the currency. While Bollywood might also be facing the repercussions, by and large, their views are coming out to be in favor of the decision.

Shahid Kapur thinks of the decision as a bold one.

“If we have to eliminate corruption, when it is so much, it is necessary to take a hard step. I think it’s still early to comment on how it’ll go because there are certain practicalities attached to the change in currency notes. It is going to be difficult.”




Ajay Devgan, who’s been known for always going out of his way to support the actions of government, was one of the first Bollywood celebrities to welcome the change.

“Whenever change takes place, common man faces problem; people from my office are standing in queues and willing to face problems for better future.”



Aditi Rao Hydari feels that although the move is a hindrance to common man’s daily lifestyle at the moment, in the long run, it will be of benefit for all. For the moment, she encouraged everyone to help those around in need by setting herself as an example.




Deepika Padukone maintained her diplomatic tone while choosing to support this bold move and agreeing to the fact that it was long due.



Tamanna Bhatia was another actress who came out in support of this movement.



Just like these celebrities, we too can hope ”may it be for benefit”.


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