These Bollywood Celebrities Lost Their Virginity Before Turning 18!

Updated on 8 Jul, 2018 at 1:08 am


Bollywood celebrities have been quite bold and open about their darkest secrets. Every now and then, they have discussed much more details about their life, rather than just their film career. As sex is still a taboo in the country, our Bollywood celebs have always been courageous enough to open about losing their virginity and sex life.

Furthermore, since the fans have also been very much curious about the secrets of their idols, it becomes even more evident for the Bollywood stars to open up about their lives even if it involves their bedroom secrets. Unlike a decade ago, today’s actors have given insights into their sex life as much as their career and films.

So, take a look at some of the Bollywood celebs who have spilled the beans on their sex life:


1. Ranbir Kapoor



Well, the ‘Sanju’ actor is promoting his film in full swing and we can’t wait to watch him tell Sanjay Dutt’s story to the world. But, there are more to his life than just film, right! Interestingly, Ranbir Kapoor made a confession during an interview for a magazine that he lost his virginity to his girlfriend when he was 15. Later, the actor faced a lot of backlash in the industry as he was termed as the big playboy of Bollywood. Interestingly, Deepika Padukone also made fun of her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor on a popular television show.

2. Ranveer Singh




The coolest actor in the industry, Ranveer Singh has always been bindaas when it comes to interacting with the masses. Well, the ‘Befikre’ actor confessed to having lost his virginity at the age of 12. He has also revealed the name of the condom brand that he used while he had sex. And, we all are very well aware that Ranveer Singh is the brand ambassador of Durex condoms and has boldly featured in their advertisement. Moreover, the actor has also done a nude photo shoot during his modeling career.


3. Sunny Leone



Sunny Leone has transformed from porn star to Bollywood superstar with perfection. Apparently, the actress revealed that she lost her virginity when she was 16-years-old and later went on to become a professional porn star. In fact, Sunny Leone even confessed that she had her first kiss at the age of 11. After she became a porn star, her husband Daniel Weber always supported her and accompanied her to shoots and recordings.