This Diwali Meet The Anaar, Phuljhadi, Rocket And Bomb Of Bollywood

10:00 am 7 Nov, 2018


When Diwali is here then you better prepare yourself and get ready. Light up the surroundings and decorate everything. Your cute little favourite space in the office and that messed up the room of yours! Become a Patakha yourself but do not burn any. Diwali is any way the festival of lights. The perfect time to meet your loved ones and have lots of fun. Instead of burning the rockets, the bombs and the sparklers on the Diwali night, imagine Bollywood celebs as crackers, and you will realize that they are true Patakhas.

Do you ever wonder how your favourite Bollywood celebs would be if they were the Diwali firecrackers? I mean for years we believe that an important part of Diwali is the different type of firecrackers which we ultimately burn off but instead of doing that let us imagine that what if our stars become the crackers. Who will be what? Any guesses?




Small in size yet makes the loudest noise. Isn’t Aliya Bhatt the same? She is the aloo bomb of Bollywood who always amazes us with her acting potential and tremendous performances.



Her radiant eyes and sparkling smile resemble a sparkler. But once she starts speaking then she fires the gossip as a Bomb. There is a lot of masala and a lot of noise when Kareena Bomb is there.



This firecracker emanates the cracking sound for long, just like Ranveer’s performances stay with you for a long time. Ranveer is a definite Ladi Bomb.



There’s a touch of sophistication to this firecracker, which makes it much like Katrina Kaif, a phuljhadi. She even looks like one, sparkling and bright!



Priyanka is the definite Anaar of Bollywood, once lighted she spreads the light till Hollywood. And soon this beauty will be married to a Videshi patakha.


Cracker Priyanka


Deepika’s career has skyrocketed and landed in success. She is a rocket! And, soon this beauty is getting married the other patakha Ranveer.



Too hot yet so fine when it comes to performing. Vicky Kausal is another Bomb in B-town! He makes sure there is enough sound with his performances.




Did we miss any of your favorite crackers or stars? Which firecracker symbolizes your favorite actor the best? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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