4 Bollywood Actresses Who Have Slapped Their Co-Actors For Touching Them Inappropriately

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10:00 am 28 Mar, 2018


It is no secret that Bollywood has a dark side too in which actors, especially females are abused physically. Quite often, actresses reveal the incidents when they are molested or touched inappropriately by their co-stars, directors, producers or other people in the industry. Some of these victims chose to ignore while some take their revenge by teaching their harasser a well-deserved lesson.

Yes! There are a few actresses who have slapped their co-actors for molesting them. Read more to know who they are and what exactly had happened.

1. Jaya Prada


Actress turned politician, Jaya Prada was an immensely popular actress of the ’80s. It is believed that she had once slapped her co-actor Dalip Tahil.



Dalip Tahil. Outlook


As per a report, while shooting a scene for a film, Dalip lost control of himself and held Jaya tightly. After bashing Dalip, she reminded him that this is not real but reel life!

2. Radhika Apte


Radhika Apte is an actress who is known for being talented as well as bold. Sadly, she too has dealt with an incident of physical abuse at a point while working in south Indian cinema. She herself revealed that a famous south Indian actor started to tickle her feet. Radhika sensed his intention and instinctively slapped him to teach him a good lesson.

3. Scarlett Wilson

Scarlett Wilson. Jansatta


Scarlett Wilson is an English model and dancer who now works in the Indian entertainment industry. She has done many item songs in Hindi as well as south India film industry. Scarlett was also seen in item song ‘Manohari’ of film ‘Baahubali’. During the shooting of this song, she slapped her co-star Umakant Rai for touching her inappropriately. In fact, the video of the incident went viral on the internet. Watch the video below to see what had happened:



It is said that after getting bashed, Umakant Rai was seen rushing out of the film’s set.

4. Geetika Tyagi

Geetika Tyagi. India


Known for her appearance in ‘Aatma’, ‘One by Two’ and a few other films of Hindi cinema, journalist turned actress Geetika Tyagi has also faced assault. In 2014, she posted a video on her Twitter page in which she accused director Subhash Kapoor of sexual assault.



In the footage, Kapoor’s wife could also be seen sitting right there while the tussle between Geetika and Kapoor was going on. In the video itself, the actress could even be seen slapping Kapoor. Later, the director had admitted to having molested the actress.




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