7 Bollywood Actresses Who Became Early Age Moms Before Turning 30!

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11:00 am 23 Mar, 2018


There is no age for when one wants to marry, start a family or for that matter when to begin or end a career. These female actresses of Bollywood broke the norms by having a baby in the prime of their careers and before they turned 30.

Today, despite that, they have a happy family as well as a great career. Here is a look at them.

1. Dimple Kapadia

After just one movie (which was a superhit), Dimple got pregnant and had Twinkle at just 17 years of age. Today, her daughters are happily married and have a stable career and she too is no less behind.




2. Neetu Singh

She too had her first child when she was just 22 years of age.


3. Babita Kapoor

Another daughter-in-law of the Kapoor clan also got pregnant and had Karisma Kapoor her first daughter when she was 26. Both her daughters have had quite a successful and long running career in Bollywood.


4. Sharmila Tagore

The younger Kapoor daughter, Kareena’s mother-in-law too had her first child before she turned 30. She give birth to Saif Ali Khan when she was all of 25.


5. Twinkle Khanna

Another Khanna on the list, that too the previous one’s daughter herself, Twinkle too, following in her mother’s steps had Aarav Bhatia when she was 29 years old.


6. Kajol

Kajol had her first child, daughter Nyasa when she was 29.


7. Genelia D’Souza

Genelia had her first son at the age of 26.




Even after having a child at an early age, these women had a great career and most of them are working in Bollywood, and other fields, even today.

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