This Bollywood Actress Has Shot Maximum Number Of Rape Scenes, Died A Tragic Death At 27!

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1:29 pm 27 Mar, 2018


Those who are familiar with the cinema of 60s and 70s would recall her innocent face, bewitching smile and sweet voice as soon as her name is taken. Most of the roles she played were of a supporting actress. In the film industry she gained fame for playing the role of sister of the hero or the heroine of the film. This made her gain popularity as ‘Bollywood ki Behen’.




One of the most renowned actresses of her time, Nazima was born in 1948 and was fond of films since her very childhood. She also did a number of films as a child actress and then went on to continue acting upon growing up. Her first adult role was in the film ‘Oomar Qaid’ and she was supposedly only 14-year-old at that time.



More than her innocent look, she was known for doing maximum number of rape scenes in Bollywood films. Actually, in the films of that era, stories of many films revolved around the young sister of the actor or actress being raped by the villian. Since Nazima played most of these roles, she holds the record for giving maximum number rape scenes in films.



All this while, she was never offered lead roles but she kept hoping that one day, she will get a role as the lead actress of the film. It is believed that by the time she turned 22, she became such a big name in the film industry that lead actresses of that time started feeling insecure and jealous of her.



Unfortunately, the actress could not take her career far ahead as she died of cancer in 1975 at a young age of 27. In her short but successful career in Indian cinema, she did more than 30 films.




She was even nominated for the Filmfare Award for the Best Supporting Actress in 1972 for her film ‘Bayiman’. Her last film that released before her death was ‘Dayar-e-Madina’. This was her first and only films as a lead actress. Her films titled ‘Love and God’  and ‘Ranga Khush’ released after her death.

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