7 Bollywood Actors Who Lost-Control During Intimate Scenes And Crossed The Boundaries

8:00 am 27 Mar, 2018


Intimate scenes sell in Bollywood! Be it intense lovemaking or peck on the cheek, there is a predominant presence of intimate scenes in B-town movies that entices the audience. The actors and the actresses are supposed to act out these scenes just like any other role. However, there are times when they went overboard with the feeling of sensuality and refused to let go of their co-stars.


1. Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra

During the shooting of an intimate kissing scene in the film “Gentleman,” the leads got caught up in the moment. It is rumored that they kept on kissing even after the director said “cut.”



2. Ranbir Kapoor

During the shot of the film “Yeh jawaani hai deewani”, actor Ranbir Kapoor continued hugging actress Evelyn Sharma despite the director saying “cut” to mark the end of the scene.


3. Ruslaan Mumtaz

Released in 2013, the film “I Don’t Love You” was filled with sexual innuendos. However, one incident created a stir that happened during the shooting. It was reported that actor Ruslaan Mumtaz was making actress Chetna Pande feel uncomfortable. He was forcefully imposing himself on her and during which her dress slipped off.


4. Ranjeet

He is one of the known villains in Bollywood. During the shooting of a film, he kept on touching actress Madhuri Dixit. The incident stopped when she demanded that he stops touching her.


5. Dalip Tahil

During an intimate scene with actress Jaya Prada, he lost control and crossed the boundaries. Jaya Prada protested by slapping Tahil.


6. Vinod Khanna

While acting in the film “Dayavan”, he lost control and bite Madhuri Dixit during a lip-lock scene. In another incident, he kept on kissing Dimple Kapadia repeatedly.


7. Prem Nath


During a scene, he embraced actress Faryal and refused to let her go for a long time. She finally escaped after a struggle.



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