11 Times Bollywood Actors Touched Co-actors In An Inappropriate Manner

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8:30 am 5 Jul, 2018


India and especially Bollywood is a place where the personal space of a person is taken for granted. Yes, we’re a nation that loves showing affection in the form of hugging, holding hands and even kissing on the cheeks and forehead. But what we are ignorant about is consent and to some level even vigilance. Who is watching us and whether the person we are showering affection on wants that kind of physical affection or not are questions which we lack to acknowledge or even understand.

Bollywood is no stranger to that and especially actresses who fall victim to inappropriate touching by co-actors on several occasions. Here are 11 such times which came under the public and media radar.

1. Zakir Khan and Co-actor

This involved the leading production house Balaji Telefilms. In 2014, an actress on the show ‘Pavitra Bandhan’ accused her co-actor Zakir Khan of touching her inappropriately during the shooting of a kidnapping scene. The actress also claimed that Zakir refused to apologize even after she screamed at him twice for the same.

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2. Alisa Khan and Rakhi Vohra

This was a one-of-a-kind incident in 2011 because it involved a female actor accusing another female co-actor of molestation. The then debutante actress Alisa Khan accused her co-star Rakhi Vohra of molesting her. She said that the incident happened when they were shooting for ‘My Husband’s Wife’ in Kuala Lumpur. As per her claims, Rakhi flirted with her by chasing her naked inside their room and then stripping off her clothes. When Alisa revolted, Vohra locked her into the room and went off for the shooting.


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3. Scarlett Wilson and Umakant Rai

According to sources, Scarlett was touched inappropriately by her co-actor Umakant during the shooting of their film ‘Hansa-Ek Sanyog.’ People present on the sets claim that Umakant tried to make advances towards the actress which led to her slapping him.

Bollywood actors who touched others inappropriately 3


4. Ranbir Kapoor and Evelyn Sharma

During the shooting of a scene where Ranbir Kapoor was supposed to be touching and caressing Evelyn’s thighs and, it is reported that he didn’t hear the director saying ‘cut’ and continued stroking her thighs.

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5. Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna


When Ruslaan and co-actor Chetna were filming an intimate scene for their movie ‘I Don’t Love You’, Ruslaan admitted to losing control and unconsciously unzipping the actress’s dress which dropped off her body instantly.

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6. Jaya Prada and Dalip Tahil

While shooting for a film they were doing together, Dalip reportedly lost control and turned wild with the actress forgetting the difference between the reel and real.

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7. Madhuri Dixit and Ranjit

During the filming of a rape scene in the movie ‘Prem Pratigya,’ Ranjit is reported to have forced himself on Madhuri.

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8. Prem Nath and Faryal

The yesteryear actress was working on a film with Prem Nath as a co-star and in one of the scenes he was supposed to tease and force Faryal. However, Prem Nath forced himself in reality as he found her irresistible. The actress had to struggle to free herself.

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9. Vinod Khanna and Madhuri Dixit

In the famous kissing scene from their movie ‘Dayavan,’ Vinod Khanna took advantage of Madhuri and instead of just locking his lips with the actress went on to aggressively bite her on her lower lip.

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10. Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra

There were quite a few steamy scenes between these two co-actors in the movie ‘A Gentleman’ and in one of these scenes, Siddharth continued to kiss Jacqueline even after the director said ‘cut.’

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11. Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

In an intimate scene from their movie ‘Prem Dharam’, Vinod Khanna refused to let go of Dimple even after the director Mahesh Bhatt shouted out ‘cut’ more than once. It is reported that later Mahesh Bhatt himself had to apologize to Dimple Kapadia for Vinod Khanna’s misconduct.

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It is understandable that while shooting intimate scenes for Bollywood films such scenarios can and may happen. However, maintaining of certain limit by the actors, as well as, crew members can save face for all.