Bollywood Stood With ‘Udta Punjab’, But Turns Its Back On ‘Shorgul’

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4:56 pm 30 Jun, 2016

The ‘Udta Punjab’ fight with the CBFC was as ugly as it was public, and Bollywood came out in droves in a show of support, not just for the movie but also against the issue at hand — censorship.


Now ‘Shorgul’ is in hot water for its content, and the ‘Shorgul’ team stands alone. They haven’t heard a peep in support from their movie brethren.

shorgul cast

Ekla cholo re!


The thing about Bollywood, is that it knows how to pick its battles. Sure, the ‘Udta Punjab’ issue was more relevant on a larger scale and they figured they may as well jump on the bandwagon and make some noise against the CBFC’s censorship practices. It didn’t hurt any that the names associated with ‘Udta Punjab’ carry weight in the industry.

The ‘Shorgul’ controversy, and its cast, fades in comparison, and it doesn’t help that its troubles are centered around hurting religious/political sentiments — two things most smart people like to steer clear of!


So, as things stand, ‘Shorgul’ looks like it’s going to have to fight this one out all by itself. As for the audiences, all we can do, is hope that someday we’ll be able to watch movies for the stories they tell, and not for the hullabaloo around them!


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