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5 Bold Bollywood Movies That Flopped Badly At Box Office

Updated on 31 August, 2018 at 5:24 pm By

Sex and nudity always sells well. Add this to a rib-tickling comedy and you will get a hit. Bollywood directors therefore leave no stone unturned to use this hit formula in their movies. However they forget that other than these ‘masala‘ elements, story has to be good as well.

There are many such movies that flopped at box office, in spite of having a big budget and huge star cast. Here are a few of them:-



1. Mastizaade

Sunny Leone has a huge fan following in India and she has delivered many hits. This one however flopped badly, thanks to the bad acting and horrible story.


2. Alone

Although it was a horror movie, director chose to portray a lot of nudity in it. From well known star cast to romantic songs, this movie had everything other than a good story. Even Bipasha, who has delivered a lot of hit horror movies, could not make this one a hit.


3. Kuch Kuch Locha Hai

Another Sunny Leone starrer that flopped due to horrible acting and storyline.



4. Dirty Politics

Success came to Mallika with her ‘almost adult’ movie, Murder, and since then Mallika had become a sex symbol in Bollywood. She delivered many hits, but this one flopped so badly that many don’t even know its name.


5. Calendar Girls

Not one or two, but five bikini-clad beauties could not make an impact on box-office. Madhur Bhandarkar, who is otherwise known for his critically acclaimed movies, made this one without a good story and tried to cash-in the nudity element. His plan backfired when this movie flopped badly at box office.


Do you know any more such movies that we should add to our list? Tell us in comments.


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