Boiling Water In A Flash Turns Into Freaking Freezing Snow

3:00 pm 31 Mar, 2014


Here is the video which shows what happens when boiling water meet extreme cold. The science has to do with the surface area of the hot water droplets. Have you heard about ‘triple point’ ? According to boston, here is the logic…the air inside the glass container is removed to bring the pressure down. This makes the liquid to boil at very low temperatures. The liquid is forced to boil. This creates liquid and a gas. But where does the ice come from? When the liquid is forced to boil, the little amount of heat-energy in the liquid goes into making some of the molecules a gas, this leaves behind a much colder liquid. When enough liquid is boiled, it freezes, because the more it boils, the more energy it is taking away from the rest of the liquid. That’s really fascinating. 



Credit: Tom Enstone via Yotube

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