People Feared Another ‘9/11’ In Australia As A Boeing Aircraft Flew Metres From Buildings

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1:24 pm 13 Oct, 2018


It’s been 17 years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. But the haunting memories of that day are still fresh for millions of Americans, which changes many lives forever. The deadly image of twin towers in New York collapsing is still embedded in our memories and which is why when we see an aircraft flying close to the buildings, we become suspicious of a terrorist attack. The same happened with the people of Brisbane (Australia) when they witnessed a Boeing aircraft flying a few meters away from the skyscrapers.

The viewers labeled this stunt as “stupid and dangerous” though it was performed by Royal Australian Airforce under strict observation.




The flying of Boeing C-17 is an important part of the celebrations of Brisbane iconic festival, Riverfire.

Riverfire happens every September in Brisbane to mark the end of Queensland’s three-week arts and cultural festival with a day-long concert, and the aerobatics of the Australian Defence Force.



It was appalling to see a plane at such low altitude. One of the photographers said:  

‘I’ve photographed the choppers, Hornets, Growlers, but this is the first time I’ve seen the Globemaster so low.’ ‘Last year it was flying quite a bit higher, but the low altitude this year made all the difference for the photos because I was looking directly at it or even down at it.’


Many rightly argued that due to one minor mistake, a catastrophe would have happened. A spectator said:

“All it would take is a small mistake and those buildings and people would be toast.”



This dangerous stunt has been slammed on social media, called a “demonstration of stupidity”.  



In reply, the spokesperson of Australian defense confirmed that strict safety limits were applied during the event:

‘An individual flypast plan is developed in advance of each event by Defence aircrew in accordance with Defence procedures and local airspace restrictions,’

Still, the fact of the matter remains had they flown the aircraft a little higher, people would have felt much safer.

Watch the video here:




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