Girl Body-Shamed By Boyfriend Asks For Help On Twitter, Receives Immense Support From Twitterati

12:10 pm 6 Apr, 2018


Body shaming is something that people (mostly women) are subjected to, in real life as well as on social media. There have been countless times when celebrities have to go through mass criticism for their ‘body type’. And now body shaming is not only limited to celebrities, and its effect can be seen in everyone else’s lives. However, responding to it and shutting down the shamers is one’s own decision.


Body Shaming.



In a recent case of body shaming, a woman shared her ordeal on Twitter and asked for some help from her friends and followers. Shelby Johnson recently shared on Twitter that her boyfriend body-shamed her and called her fat. The lady wasn’t even sure how to feel about this entire situation and asked tweeple for their opinion.



She shared the screenshots of her chat with her boyfriend in a series of tweets. We bet after reading the entire chat you would definitely like to ask this guy if he is even in love with her!



Take a look at the chat below and see how the guy asks his girl to reduce her weight and even gives her a warning about it.


Anyone could’ve been hurt after reading this chat and we are just wondering why Shelby even cared about such guy who ‘might lose all the attraction’!


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Not your girl 💄✨

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In another tweet, Shelby mentioned that her weight was same when he first met her.



And then she revealed all her struggles about her body weight.



Her tweets instantly grabbed the attention of tweeple and they came forward to support her. Here are some of the reactions:



Some even suggested her to dump her boyfriend!




We would just like to tell her and everyone else who reads this post that accepting any person for who he or she is and how he or she looks can sometimes do wonders! Body Shaming is ruining lives and it needs to stop now. People sharing their ordeal online and seeking help is one thing, however, one must take a stand for themselves to shut down the shamers. More power to you Shelby!

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