Bobby Deol Was Madly In Love With This Actress, But Had An Unexpected Break-Up. Here Is All That Happened!

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12:57 pm 26 Mar, 2018


Bobby Deol is one of the established actors of the Indian cinema. Most people now know him as a family man who is living a happy life with his wife and children. But there was a time when he was unmarried and deeply in love with a popular actress of the ’80s. The two dated each other for approximately 5 years and wanted to get married to each other. But this could not happen. The two had to split because of someone very close to Bobby.


Bobby Deol. Eastern Eye


The actress we are talking about is Neelam Kothari, who appeared in a number of films in the ’80s and ’90s. Bobby Deol and Neelam were in a serious relationship and wanted it to last lifelong.



Neelam Kothari. Missmalini


A lot of people in the industry and media knew about their affair, however, they had never admitted it in open. These people always thought that Bobby and Neelam would get married to each other but to everyone’s surprise, this did not happen.



There were several reports in the media citing different reasons for their split. However, what is believed to be true is that it was Bobby Deol’s father Dharmendra who was strictly against this relationship. He did not want any of his sons to marry a Bollywood actress.



Hence, Bobby and Neelam had to split. Bobby later tied the knot with Tanya and theirs was a typical arranged marriage. Even Sunny Deol had an arranged marriage because of Dharmendra.




Eventually, Neelam got married to businessman Rishi Sethia but this marriage could not last long and the two got separated soon. Later, Neelam married actor Samir Soni in 2011. Two years after their marriage, they decided to adopt a girl and named her Ahana.

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