Bobby Darling Gets Justice, Husband Penalized For Domestic Violence And Dowry

6:00 pm 9 Aug, 2018


Bobby Darling is one of the first openly transgender actresses in India. And we are sure it wasn’t easy for Bobby to come out as a transgender in the early 2000s. However, she managed to do it. In fact, by the time she turned 23 years old, she had already been a part of the Limca Book of Records for featuring in 18 gay roles. And Bobby Darling’s fame increased many-fold when she became a part of season 1 of reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

Born in Mumbai, Bobby lost his mother in his teenage years and was also estranged from his father. But her appearance (2009) in the Indian version of ‘The Moment of Truth’ brought Bobby’s father back to her.




Given her differentiated sexual identity, Bobby naturally faced a lot of heartbreaks. But in October 2015 when Bobby announced marriage plans to Bhopal based businessman Ramnik Sharma, things started to look up. The two tied the knot on February 8, 2016, in a private ceremony in Bhopal.



Bobby underwent a sex reassignment surgery after which she changed his name to Pakhi Sharma on February 23, 2018. All seemed to go well. But trouble struck again when reports of Ramneek abusing Bobby (Pakhi) started doing the rounds.



As per reports, Bobby Darling aka Pakhi filed an FIR against Ramnik in 2017. She accused Ramnik of domestic abuse, demanding dowry, and forcing unnatural sex. This is what Bobby aka Pakhi told a media daily about Ramnik’s behavior in an interview last year:

“Ramnik would beat me up after getting drunk and accuse me of having extramarital affairs with every second man. He also usurped my property and money. Ramnik made me give him co-ownership of my flat in Mumbai, and did the same when we bought our penthouse in Bhopal. He also bought an SUV using my money immediately after the marriage. Now, I am left with nothing. He had paid the building’s security guards to keep an eye on me, and they would inform him of all my moves.”



The FIR Pakhi filed led to Ramnik’s arrest in May 2018. Recent reports suggest that court has granted him a bail, but at a hefty price of Rs 15 lakh. Court also ordered him to return Pakhi’s car.


This is what Pakhi’s lawyer Meera reportedly told the media:

“The fight was tough but Bobby was justified and has been vindicated so far. He had to give back the gold articles, which he had taken away. Actually, he was wearing them when he was arrested. They belonged to Bobby.”


Meera further added about the car and other property:


“The car rightfully belonged to Bobby. She had the papers. All said and done, Bobby has recovered at least something for now. We have faith in the judiciary and justice will prevail. Now, Bobby will file civil cases against him to recover the property which is under dispute with Ramnik. The property is worth Rs 60 lakh.”