Woman Refuses To Let Firemen Rescue Her 3-Year-Old Son To Avoid Damaging Her BMW

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8:05 pm 16 Jul, 2015

According to China’s state broadcaster CCTV, the incident occurred in the city of Yiwu in the Zhejaiang Province of China last Saturday, 11 July, 2015. It has triggerred an outpouring of anger against the woman on social media

A large crowd had gathered around a BMW after they heard a little boy’s cries of help, while the mother stood near the car.



According to sources, the 3-year-boy grew visibly weaker as he desperately tried to claw his way out of the car window. Fire-fighters were called, who attempted to break the window but were stopped by the child’s mother.

The mother insisted on waiting for a locksmith to arrive to unlock the car, but the fire-fighters ignored her and broke the window.



Netizens have been expressing shock, disgust and anger at the woman’s actions. People have rightly pointed out that it was too hot for her to have left the child in the car in the first place, as temperatures soar inside very fast.

“It is very dangerous to leave kids inside the car, especially in such heat,” one fire-fighter was quoted as saying.



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