10 Ways In Which BMM Students Are Misunderstood

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10:00 am 26 Jul, 2015

Even as you are waiting for your 12th standard results to drop the bomb, you are faced with the most important decision of your life: what course to take for your graduation. And almost everyone you know (Science stream students especially) will ask you, “Toh engineering ya medical?” Commerce students either have the option of chartered accountancy or completely changing lanes (good luck with that). And Arts students are not human (as we realized in Misconceptions about Arts Students). Enough said.

So when you announce that Mass Media is your chosen field, all hell breaks loose mostly because most people have no effing idea of what Mass Media is. “Toh tum Arnab banoge?” becomes an oft-asked question.

In no particular order, here are the questions BMMites are asked from decision to graduation.

1. “Reporter banoge?”

No uncle, that’s not the only job at the disposal of media students. Heard of films? Yeah, we make ‘em too. See ads? Yeah, you buy all the stupid stuff in the malls because we tell you to. All those celebs you think are the nicest people in the entire universe? Their image in your mind rests in our hands.



Apne kaam se kaam rakhoge? giphy

2. “Tujhe padhna nahi hai isliye BMM liya na?

No dude, just because our syllabus is not a dreary, lengthy, boring time machine that feels it’ll take forever to finish, it does not mean BMMites have nothing to study. It’s not our fault that we have subjects that are fun and likable.



Tere paas dimaag nahi hai isliye aisa bola na? tumblr

3. “Isn’t BMM for hipsters?”

Dear society, if you’re watching Arnab Goswami, saas-bahu crap and India TV, then we BMMites understand your concern. Actually, no. BMM is a creative field that encourages brilliance, grandeur, ingenuity and flamboyance. Your head is really up where it shouldn’t be if you mistake this as being a hippie.



Deal with it, society. tumblr

4. “Thik hai abhi aisa kuch *condescending word* tumne liya hai, par aage kya?

From the bottommost part of my heart, I pity you because you are incapable of understanding the vast opportunities that mass media has to offer. I will not waste my breath in elaborating just how exciting it can get after graduation. Well, I hope…



I leave you to rot in your own ignorance. flickr

5. “Degree ke liye kardo, lekin MPSC/UPSC/MBA ke liye bhi prepare karo.”

Yes, because you simply are not confident enough that we’ll find our own footing in our chosen field. Try explaining to your parents and nosy relatives that these things don’t interest you and you’ll have them giving you the zaban-chalata-hai lecture.



Thank you for your vote of confidence. salestroll

6. “Jinko kuch nahi aata vo log BMM lete hai.”

Had we been that incapable, we wouldn’t be able to single-handedly organize college fests, hunt for sponsors, do internships, meet impossible deadlines and still never complain about it. We know nothing?  You tell me.



……is what will happen to you if you say that one more time. tumblr

7. “Saara din bhatakte rehta hai. Yeh BMM mein kuch dhang ka kaam hota hai ki nahi?

This line is from those obnoxious people who equate BMM to a drug-smuggling racket and always look suspiciously at you every time you step out of the house. To those, travelling comes with the job and unlike the poor saps stuck with engineering in a hostel full of smelly socks, we experience more of the world and face realities on a day-to-day basis. We aren’t always up in the air.



Ok, so maybe a little bit in the air. tumblr

8. “Yaar tum log toh din bhar party hi karte ho na?

Yes, of course. Just like chemical engineering students cook contraband in the labs day after day. See? Not judgmental at all.



*not awkward at all* tumblr

9. “BMM mein hai na, toh meri DSLR se photo kheech na! Naya dp chahiye!

This presumption that we are born with a silver spoon in our mouth and a DSLR in our hand, is a slight overstatement. There are only a handful of people who take up photography and cinematography, while the rest of us have our attention diverted in a variety of other activities. Because there’s much to do apart from updating social media accounts.



*mind blown* tumblr

10. “BMM isn’t a relevant course.”

Yeah sure. Just like books, newspapers, films, radio channels, television and social media is irrelevant. How would you know whether that new Apple product launched or not. How would you know what new crime was committed by bhai while you slept soundly in bed?


BMM has students from all streams of 12th including people who finally saw ‘3 Idiots’ in their final year of education and gave up to come to BMM. And there is a reason why so many people prefer BMM. One of them is that they don’t like maths.

And BMM welcomes everyone with open arms and dreams of endless parties. Unless you are Arnab Goswami.


What misconceptions do you face as a BMM student?



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