8 Health Benefits Of Blowing A Conch You Didn’t Know

10:00 am 22 Sep, 2017

If you have been brought up in a traditional Indian household, you would perhaps have witnessed your mother and grandmother blowing conch-shells, marking the beginning of any puja or any other auspicious occasions. In Bengali households, the daily puja regime is never complete without blowing conch-shells thrice as it is believed to ward off all evil spirits. In fact, it is also held that when a Conch is blown, it radiates positive vibes and wards off negative energy in the environment.

While the importance of blowing conch shells as per Hindu spiritual beliefs is known to almost everyone, not many people know the health benefits of blowing conch shells regularly. In this article, we present to you certain health benefits of blowing conch shells that you may love to know about –

1. The sound of conch shells is known to demolish germs.

There is a belief that the sound emitted from conch shells sanitizes the nearby atmosphere from various types of germs, including harmful insects such as mosquitoes.

2. Blowing conch shells opens blocked heart.

Blowing conch shells require a specific type of pressure and effort that does open all kinds of bodily blocks, including heart blocks. Even eminent doctors regard regular blowing of conch shells or shankh as a great exercise for the lungs and the diaphragm, as a result of which the health of heart remains in good condition.

3. Suffering from stammering issues? Conch shells may just be your way out!

Blowing shankh also exercises the thyroid glands and vocal cords, thus acting as a natural solution to speech issues, including stammering problems.

4. The secret to the glowing skin of Bengali women unveiled.

Blowing conch shells regularly acts as a great exercise for the facial muscles, as a result of which the fine lines are reduced to a great extent. And if you want to achieve that flawless glow, fill in the conch shell with water at night. The next morning, massage your face with that water. Continue this for a month, to obtain great results!

5. By blowing conch shells regularly, you can keep prostrate enlargement issues at bay.

Blowing conch shells puts pressure on the prostrate region in a healthy way. This helps in improving the health of the prostrate area, thereby eliminating any risk of prostrate enlargement.

6. Want to strengthen the rectal muscles, blowing conch shell is surely a natural way of doing so!

Blowing conch shell is an exercise – a type of yoga you may say. As a result of this, it puts pressure on numerous parts of your body, strengthening the muscles and eliminating the risk of many health issues. So, the exercise you do by blowing conch shells, contracts and eases your rectal muscle, thereby strengthening the rectal muscles and eliminating the risk of rectal cancer to a great extent.

7. Here’s how you can get rid of untimely grey hair issues!

Although this is not directly linked to blowing conch shells, but you would definitely be amazed to know that filling conch shells with rose water every night, and washing your hair with the same water the next day will eliminate the risk of having untimely grey hair! Try it to know it for yourself!

8. Helps you to fight the demon called depression.

As known to all, the sound emitted from blowing conch shells has positive energy that helps relieve tension and bring about an aura of peace into your immediate surroundings. However, you would be surprised to know that this simple trick can be used to fight the vice called depression that has gripped many in contemporary times.

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