11 Saree Blouse Designs To Rock This Wedding Season

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7:25 pm 19 Jan, 2016

The wedding season never ends in India. Bridal fashion is only getting bigger and better every year. Check out these super-hot, super-stylish blouse designs to make sure all eyes are on you, this wedding season!

1. Princess Cut

This is the safest bet when it comes to traditional Indian weddings. It’s feminine and stylish yet conservative. No judgemental glares from Aunties!

Indian bridal blouse designs


2. Zari Vine

This is an absolute romantic, feminine pick. Delicate Zardozi embroidery borders this blouse with a large back cut-out. Gold lotus bud motifs are beautifully detailed with zari accented floral vines. Make sure you store it well by wrapping it in cotton or hanging it on a separate hanger away from moisture.

Indian bridal blouse designs


3. Velvet Bodysuits

They are chic and really sexy. Apart from flattering your silhouette, they really work great with plain, chiffon sarees. The advantage of the bodysuit is that it fits any size.

Some velvet fabrics, like knit velvet or fine velvet with plain weave, must be dry cleaned. Crushed velvet can be machine washed. Store your velvet bodysuit horizontally in your closet.

Indian bridal blouse designs


4. Sheer Blouse

The ultimate alluring sight, sheer blouses work great for cocktail parties. Pair them with basic, subdued colors and you will turn quite a few heads! Try white, black or creme – all time classics!

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Indian bridal blouse designs


5. Scalloped Edge Window Blouse

Lace blouses are undeniably sexy and very delicate. You can wash lace blouses in the washing machine using the gentle wash cycle and mild detergent.  Also, don’t use the dryer or iron.

Indian bridal blouse designs


6. Oriental Crop Jacket Blouse

They are fabulous when you want to go a little edgy without going too overboard on compromising conservative cultural boundaries. Incorporate mirror work and thread work to draw all the attention to. Pair them with beautiful light fabric sarees and long danglers. A hair up-do will enhance the look of your blouse.

Indian bridal blouse designs


7. Keyhole Blouse

In this blouse design, the back-lines are seen in the form of a keyhole image, in a center hollow portion at the front or back. It may be a simple slit at the center line, and the split is usually secured at the top with a hook and eye, or loop and button. Now, this is what we call edgy and flawlessly sexy!

Indian bridal blouse designs


8. Jacket Blouse

A  jacket – short, long or medium – is a classic combination of tradition and modernity. While keeping the look simple, short jacket blouses work well in adding that little bit of bling and class to your saree attire. Long jackets make your saree look more silhouette-like, adding a glamorous appeal.


9. Bouclé Blouse

The fabric is the easy part – what really sets sarees apart are their blouses. The bouclé fabric was made popular by Coco Chanel. In French, Bouclé means “curl” and a bouclé blouse is made from yarn that contains loose curls as well as in tight circles. If your wedding is in the winter, a bouclé blouse will work well. Their thick and soft texture will keep you warm.

Indian bridal blouse designs


10. Mughal Cut-out Blouse

This Indian bridal blouse design features a gold colored full-sleeved blouse with a cut-out panel reminiscent of the grand entrances of Mughal architecture. It can be paired with a matching saree or a lehenga choli.

Indian bridal blouse designs


11. Gota Blouse

This Indian bridal blouse design is not laden with Swarovski crystals and gems, nor is it totally bland. Gold lace and delicate embroidery are woven into the blouse.

For cleaning a Gota blouse, soak the piece in a tub of cold water with mild detergent. Leave it in for about 10 minutes. Then soak it in a tub of clean, cold water. Do not wring dry, just dab the cloth on a flat surface with a dry cloth to remove the water. Finally, line dry in a cool place.

Indian bridal blouse designs


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