PM Modi To Stay Till 2024 And Possibly Longer, Reveals Bloomberg Survey

Updated on 1 Sep, 2018 at 3:41 pm


Prime Minister Narendra Modi had stormed to power with his reform agenda and with the promise to clean up politics and make India a corruption free country. He came up with a ‘viral’ slogan – ‘Na Khaunga, Na Khaane dunga’ (will not engage in corruption myself, nor allow others). So be it the demonetisation move or linking everything with Aadhaar, the government has taken every step possible to curb the menace of corruption. However, the big question that remains on everyone’s mind is will he be able to retain power in 2019?

In the midst of these predictions, Bloomberg has come out with a survey forecasting the longevity of existing important world leaders. Choosing sixteen world leaders who have the biggest impact geopolitics, the magazine has analyzed the future of these leaders. And with no surprise, PM Modi is part of this list.

The leaders were chosen based on various factors which impact global order, such as climate change, the eradication of poverty and making peace deals.

In its survey about PM Modi, the magazine writes:


“Prime Minister Narendra Modi dominates India’s political landscape and is widely predicted to win the next national election in 2019. With five-year terms, that means he could rule over his country’s 1.3 billion people until at least 2024—possibly longer.”

It writers further:

“Although he lacks the upper-house majority necessary for big structural reforms, Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party has proven its popularity, winning numerous state-level elections since he came to power in 2014.

Modi, 67, is by far the most popular Indian politician. The opposition Congress Party is weak and lacks a charismatic leader, while regional rivals are vulnerable to the BJP’s formidable election machine. His party’s policies, even when economically disruptive, are still popular with the masses.”

The survey clearly mentions that Narendra Modi may last in office until at least 2024, and may further rule even until 2029.

Here are some reasons that make Modi excel:

1. Modi’s priorities are transparent, quick and effective policy, restoring people’s confidence in the governance, removal of corruption, agriculture, education, employment, the right to women and weaker section of the society, infrastructure development and effective foreign policy.

2. Modi means business. Working tirelessly Modi perceives that a country never takes rest so the government. He made each and everyone accountable and monitored them regularly.

3. Modi mantra is, perform or perish! He made it clear to his ministers and bureaucrats that system must be the result oriented that too in a specific time frame.

4. Modi is no doubt a great visionary and motivator. In management science, it is said that decision making is the primary task of a
leader. He never remains in two minds pertaining to his decision. He believes in a strong and timely decision.

5. Leading from the front. Like a strong army officer, he always put himself at the forefront of governance.

6. Strong and clean intention. Even opposition cannot doubt his intentions to deliver.

7. The autocratic way of functioning made Modi fire those who do not perform.

8. The centralized control regularly acquaints him with the progress of work and provides the necessary guidelines in time.

9. Connection with the people. He has a unique style of connecting himself with different groups of the society within the country and the people abroad. This style of functioning has made him a great global leader. He is a great orator.

10. Futuristic thinking is his one of the key style of functioning. He plans for future India i.e. he calls it ‘makes new India’.

11. He is using glorious India’s past to inspire the future. His speeches are laced with historical facts, traditions, and events of mythology. In past, none of the PM piped in it, caused alienation of youth from own culture.

12. Modi understands the fact that India needs massive investment for his vision new India. At the launch of ‘Make in India,’ he said “think east, link west’ that sent a strong signal to international community, to understand both east and west need to work together to prosper.

13. Foreign policy is excellent and completely fresh one. Earlier we used to look limit to diplomacy. Now Modi has integrated FDI and other commercial aspects too.

14. Modi dares to implement his ideas which we have seen in case of demonetization, implementation of GST, and so on. Only great leaders can think to walk on the new path. This character puts him in the line of John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro, Indira Gandhi.

Challenges before Modi


India is a unique country, known for its unity in diversity. So governance of India in itself is a herculean task. Narendra Modi has a lot to do on the front of poor economy, corruption, nepotism, policy paralysis, red-tapism, unemployment, ill education system, poverty, health etc, so it remains to see which way the voter’s mood swing.

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