The Ugly Truth About A Bangladeshi Girl In A Blood Flowing Street On Eid

4:59 pm 5 Sep, 2017

The entire world celebrated Bakr Eid or Eid-ul-Adha on September 2, 2017. While there were many memorable photographs shared globally about the festive occasion, there were some, like this beautiful girl child wading through a street that had turned red from the blood flow of animals slaughtered on the day, which were disturbingly horrific and moved us to tears.

As we know, Bakr Eid marks one of the major festivals for Muslims the world over, where cattle are sacrificed to Allah as a gesture of honoring the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. So, in order to let this festival not seem exceptionally gory, separate slaughter areas are relegated, especially in the Muslim countries. However, Bangladesh has been an exception.

Last year, there were photographs of blood-stained rainwater gushing through the streets of Dhaka, capital of the country Despite having drawn much criticism for such public display of so much bloodshed last year, there was no change in the situation this year too. Needless to say, the photograph of the girl posing in the bloodied streets went viral on the Internet.

Many turned defensive for the condemnation that social media handed out and starting questioning the authenticity of the viral photograph by holding out that it was a photoshopped image that was far removed from reality


Not one to be cowed down by social media crowds, Naif Imtiaz, the documentary photographer who had published the photograph of girl child in a bloody street, held out. Instead of siding with the herd by calling the image photoshopped, he shared a descriptive post on Facebook. He also shared some videos in the “reply” section that depicted the water logging which had blood of sacrificial animals mixed with it. You can read the entire article and watch the videos here.

Imtiaz proved that the photograph was not morphed. His post received 1.4 k shares and over 2,500 reactions on Facebook.