This Hot Blogger Posted An Honest Pic To Show That A Perfect Body Is Not Always Perfect

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9:27 pm 22 Jun, 2016


Let’s forget about supermodels and actors. Our new role models are these fashion bloggers whose 10 on 10, ab-licious bodies are enviously double-tapped by us.

While we convinced ourselves that models and actors have time and Photoshop at their disposal, the fact that these bloggers are real people with real bodies have come to suck our confidence.




But hey, you know what? It’s all a hoax.

Not that these people or their bodies are not real, they are. But who are they kidding? No one can look so perfect all-the-freaking-time!


The only time they do is when they click a glamorous, envious picture of theirs to be posted on their social media account. And there, we are not just burned – but fooled too.

”She looks so perfect, even in her PJs at 2 AM!” DAMN.

I applaud this fashion blogger for coming out and telling us how things really are.

Sometimes we look as perfect as a swan and sometimes we look like a potato. But that’s really not us alone.


Tiffany Brien took pictures of her in a time gap of 12 hours. The left one is right before bed when she was bloated and the other one is of next morning when she was back to her signature blogger body.

(This is reaaaaal. Thank you Tiffany for not letting me be alone in this!)


The truth is, everyone bloats – even hot AF Priyanka Chopra who by the way loves aaloo parantha.

All those wishy-washy bloggers talking about acing perfect bodies, everyone bloats. They just don’t go on posting about it. Right angles, lights and filters do the magic, okay?


But as bloggers they got to realize why we trust them more than gorgeous faces on television.

It’s because they are real. So let’s expect them to keep it real. Give us your glamorized posts but give some behind-the-scenes too.


And girls, we won’t be burned and fooled anymore, okay?

To beautiful women with imperfect bodies but perfect vibes. The women who are working everyday to make themselves and others feel better about life.

We need more of these happy, sharing women.


Source: Tiffany Brien



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