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A Man Tried To Politicize A Beautiful Gesture By A Mosque, And Got Trolled

Updated on 30 August, 2018 at 4:24 pm By

Salute to patriotism. In Bhilwara, Rajasthan, the mosque near the railway station has been decorated with tricolor lights ahead of Eid, which will be celebrated on June 25.


The mosque, located near the station, has been decked up with lights in the form of tricolor. Twitter


According to Indiatimes, Imam Mohammad Zafar Mukhtar Asami of Station Mosque said that the tricolor is the pride of our country and our nation is a flag.

“Today, the question of the patriotism of Muslims arises, so this time we have decorated the mosque with lights like Tricolor colors [sic.],” he said.

But there are some elements who try to exploit even these beautiful gestures to drive their own political agenda. Sample this man:

The man is basically implying that Hindus aren’t patriotic enough.

But Twitterati gave him the right answer:

Rightly said this one:

Here lies the big question:

And this guy was quick to share this and raise the most important question:


While it was indeed a brilliant gesture by the mosque administration, the hate on Twitter was disappointing. At the same time, any overt or covert insistence on the display of patriotism by any particular community is also against the interests of the nation.

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