If You Are A Human, This Video Of Two Blind Children Will Move You To Tears

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Updated on 20 May, 2015 at 12:48 am


Are you angry at the condition of people in the country? If you are, then I give you a video – a video you can use to blast off every single politician, religious leader, NGO, media house, social worker, Liberal, Secular and Fundamentalist.

Are you still angry? Or, are you disturbed thinking about the condition of the 20 million such children? Are you not surprised that there is a way that can help restore sight in the blind? And no one told you it was so simple! Do you want to do something to help the blind? May I direct you in the right direction, and ask you to make a donation? Your donation will help children see the light of the day and, above all, see the face of their mother – the greatest gift of God to humanity.


Visit the official site of 20/20/20. Or, jump to the donate page. You see, the real problem is that we do not donate.