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Too Late for Beliebers To Feel Sorry As The Poor Arrangements Left Them Dizzy & Heartbroken

Published on 11 May, 2017 at 2:40 pm By

For a diehard fan whose music idol is visiting the city, the only thing on the mind will be to see and hear the artist live. Humidity, long queue, dust, exorbitantly priced tickets and water, collectively wouldn’t take an ounce of the excitement away. But the story changes when after going through all these atrocities, that fan doesn’t get hear that artist perform.

 Most attendees at DY Patil Stadium last night were such disappointed fans. Overpriced food & water, dirty toilets, and last nail in the coffin- no speakers for the general category ticket holders. As one of the concert goers informs:


“There were no speakers around our seats. We could only hear the music from a distance. Also, the stage is a little low so we could not see the other artists…”


People in attendance since 2 pm had to fight the scorching heat with water bottles priced Rs.100. Lack of dustbins was not surprising for us Indians to start with. However, this was not expected out of a concert as huge as this.

As Justin Bieber quotes, “Tonight’s turning out to be one of the best nights of my life,” people were falling down due to the heat. Bad lip syncing was another turn off for the fans looking forward to witnessing the talented singer perform.


A die-hard Bieber fan suffered from dizziness and breathlessness.

A number of celebrities were in attendance too who had a different set of issues. Bipasha Basu and her husband KSG left within 5 minutes, intimidated by the uncontrollable crowd. She mocked the situation by complaining “dressed up for nothing”. Seems like the Rs.76,000 tickets did not live up to the expectations of the celebrities.

Sonali Bendre was clearly disenchanted by the concert and called it a waste of time.


As Bieber plans to return soon- “It was a great honor performing in India. I will definitely come back,”- it will be interesting to see if the disheartened fans share the feelings.



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