A Mob In Pakistan Killed A 7-Year-Old, A Baby And An Old Woman Over Blasphemy

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2017 at 5:13 pm

The condition of minorities in Pakistan is known to all. The discrimination they face and the horrors they are subjected to on a regular basis cannot be imagined in a country which claims it is a democracy.

Using the controversial blasphemy law, hardliners have been able to kill people from the minority community with impunity and without fear of the law – because they know that punishment for such a crime under the Pakistani law is rarest of rare.


A mass grave of Ahmadi victims of an attack on the community. Photo taken in 2010. Reuters

But what is sickening is the fact that fundamentalism in Pakistan (and probably in some other predominantly Muslim countries) has reached such a fanatic point that hardliners have become devoid of the slightest tinge of humanity.

Late on Sunday in the town of Gujranwala, a mob accused a man from the Ahmadi community of posting an “objectionable material” on Facebook.

What they did next will shock humanity and should shame those who are genuinely seculars and liberals. (The posers in India, Europe and the United States will obviously ignore this just like they ignore Islamic fundamentalism.)


Mobs gather around as houses of the minority community are set on fire. (Image used for representational purpose.) Daily Pakistan

The mob set fire to the houses in the area where the Ahmadis live. In one of the houses was a seven-year-old, her baby sister and their grandmother. All three were killed by the mob.

A pregnant woman, too, became a victim. She was taken to the hospital where she miscarried.

Think again: A fanatic mob killed a seven-year-old, a baby and an old woman, and caused the miscarriage of another woman! Why? Because someone else had allegedly committed blasphemy.

The police said that the two huge groups of people were involved in the incident. One of the groups came to the police demanding registration of a case, while the other looted and burnt the houses killing the three.

Police said that the man who allegedly committed blasphemy was not among the injured.


Houses of Ahmadi community members sealed off by police following an attack on them by the radicals. Dawn

And the police did nothing. It just stood there and watched because in Pakistan blasphemy is an allegation even the police won’t dare to interfere with.

Reports in the liberal media say that the man was accused by the mob of posting a blasphemous picture of the Kaaba.

A bit about the Ahmadi, or Ahmadiyya.

It is one of the most persecuted minority communities in Pakistan. They are Muslims, but Pakistan’s Ordinance XX says that they are not Muslims and cannot have rights similar to Muslims in Pakistan. The same ordinance also lays down a number of restrictions for the community.


Protesters demand the abolishment of the blasphemy law in Pakistan.

In short, Pakistan legally discriminates against the Ahmadis and the liberal world outside of Pakistan takes no note of it.

The Ahmadis have been attacked and killed by the fundamentalists in Pakistan who dominate the country’s society and exert immense influence over the government.

Pakistan’s HRC said that 68 people were killed in 2016 for blasphemy. Around 100 have been accused of blasphemy in the last three months alone.