Why Women Are Going Crazy About New Swimwear Fashion Called ‘Black Tape Bikinis’

11:10 am 19 Jul, 2018

Fashion and glamour are two things which can’t live without each other. In the ever-changing fashion world, what makes trends today is passé tomorrow. However, some of these trends still remain etched in our minds forever – and sometimes even leave us blank. The same happened, when models in Miami Fashion Week showcasing ‘Black Tape Bikinis‘, to show-off a new fashion experiment. It doesn’t involve conventional clothing, but duct tapes instead! Yes, you read it right.

No-one would have imagined ‘Black Tape Bikinis‘ will became a raging fashion trend, but then, it’s Miami guys! Models were wrapped in black duct tape in the hottest swim-wear you could possibly have ever seen. Leaving behind clothes and replacing it with tapes, these stick-on pieces cover the nipple and crotch area, leaving little to imagination! The Black Tape Project has its own Facebook page too!



Warning: The following images are probably not safe for your work place, but let the show begin!



It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted!




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Joel Alvarez is a Miami-based artist who came up with this as a business plan initially.



Hot models took part in this risque fashion experiment, turning it into a social media phenomenon!



The tiny pieces are carefully cut by hand and strategically placed around  nipples and crotch.


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This ‘attention to detail’ created an eye-catching look!



For ‘Black Tape Project’, the models are “taped up” into racy style!



This “unusual” fashion outfit still gels with the beauty of the human body.



This new ‘Black Tape Bikinis ‘tape fashion has certainly grabbed alot of attention online.


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The Black Tape Project’s Instagram page boasts over 169,000 followers who don’t mind naked models. Even men aren’t spared!



In the four years since conceptualisation, the designs have been displayed in Las Vegas, New York, the Caribbean and several European countries.



The Miami designer carefully cover’s a model’s modesty with black tapes and creativity.



If you also feel that you have now seen it all, there’s more to your imagination! Have a look:




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