Black Holes Do Not Just Suck Light, They Can Suck The Life Out Of You In 2.5 Ways

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11:18 am 6 Mar, 2014


Okay, so the big bad Black Holes (the ones you obviously cannot see because you are not Heimdall of Asgard) are really big and bad. You know they can suck the light out of any star, gobbling the gaseous ball up like that Marvel supervillain Galactus and leaving no trace behind. Of course you wouldn’t even realise how you disintegrated if a Black Hole sucks you because it is…well…it is something unimaginable as of now. But just in case you do end up getting sucked by one, there could be 2.5 ways a Black Hole can kill you. Shocked?


Credit: NOVA Pbs via YouTube.

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