BJP’s Goa Wing Doesn’t Oppose Eating Beef

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 12:36 pm

Of late, BJP is being targeted by the opposition and everyone else for their stance of cow slaughter and beef eating.

However, in a much needed twist, BJP’s Goa wing announced that they are not opposed to Goan people eating beef as it is a part of their local cuisine.

Last week, Subramaniam Swami, during a discussion on TV, commented that one needs to change the tradition of eating beef in Goa. This remark brought in a lot of criticism from other parties and people in general. Clearing the stance on the subject, BJP said that it was a personal opinion of Swami and not of BJP.

BJP’s Duttaprasad Naik zee news


BJP’s Duttaprasad Naik said that Swami’s opinions are not an issue. Goa is a diverse region where people of various communities and religions live in harmony with each other. The opinion was personal to Swami and it is not what BJP believes.

The increasing debate over cow slaughter and beef ban has taken the country by storm. It is time that politicians and people rise above petty issues like religion and lifestyle and focus on bigger problems like poverty, gender bias and lack of sanitation facilities.