BJP Spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia Posted A Photo Of Himself On Twitter, And People Cannot Stop Gushing About His Looks

6:12 pm 3 Nov, 2017


Twitter never stops amazing us. Every single day of our lives, we find something startling, annoying and laughable on the micro-blogging platform. Moreover, people just keep looking for something to dig upon, criticize or gossip about. Meanwhile, there are a few people who don’t have to indulge in any kind of gossip to make news. All they have to do is share their own photo and people lose it.

It is time to meet the new version of BJP national spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia. Look at the picture below to know how he actually looks like on business-as-usual days.


Gaurav Bhatia is BJP’s National Spokesperson.

That’s the same Gaurav Bhatia you often spot on various news channels, discussing national and international issues.


Gaurav Bhatia during a news debate (Courtesy: News 18 India)

Now here is the latest image posted by Bhatia on Twitter. Let us tell you first hand, you might consider this as an illusion or something photoshopped, but it is not. Here we go!

“Does he do modelling, too?” must have been the question that came to you mind. Well, there is more to it. Here are the first reactions of people on Twitter.


People were all praise for his absolutely dashing looks.










And this is what his female followers think about the picture:



It is rare to find a politician with good looks. Gaurav Bhatia left us in awe. We just hope he keeps sharing more of such pictures. This will not only increase his female following, in fact, people would wait to see him on TV debates in his all-new avatar.

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