BJP-PDP Still Unable To Make Consensus About Govt; Omar Abdullah Says No To BJP

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6:46 pm 8 Feb, 2016


More than four weeks have passed  after the demise of the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, and there seems to be no development on the formation of government in the state.

Bharatiya Janata Party and People’s Demoratic Party, who have formed the alliance a  year ago, seem to be rigid on their stand.

Sources in the PDP told TopYaps that they will not move an inch until they get concrete  assurances about the Agenda of Alliance.

They said that they want the ‘Agenda of Alliance’ should be implemented in a practical manner and party will not compromise on it for the sake of power.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti has very limited options left in front of her. The option of forming the government with Congress along with few independents will be risky. In fact, Congress tried their best to convince Mehbooba to form the government with them, but they never accepted it publicly.


Some political observers believe that Mehbooa Mufti is just playing this waiting game so that she could bargain with New Delhi about the issues like returning of power projects to the state government, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and some other issues.

Recently, the decision of Governor NN Vohra to appoint advisors gave indications that the Governor rule in the state is going to remain for a long time. People in the state are hopeful of ending this political uncertainly in the state very soon.

A senior BJP leader told TopYaps that the talks between the two alliance partners have not started yet, and in the coming days there is a possibility of ending the deadlock in the formation of the government in the state.

On the other side, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah has ruled out any possibility of extending any support to BJP, in case the BJP-PDP alliance will end.

In fact, he offered suggestion to Mehbooba Mufti of ending the alliance with the BJP. Abdullah also said that she should break her silence as she cannot keep the entire country in dilemma about the formation of government.

“Mehbooba Mufti has been quiet for long and she can no longer remain silent. She must clarify her stand on two-three issues and clear the air as to what are those CBMs and how long she will wait for those Confidence Building Measures and why did the need of CBMs suddenly arise after the demise of Mufti Mohammed Sayeed,” he said.


The BJP reacted strongly to Omar Abdullah’s statement for suggesting PDP of ending the alliance with them. BJP said that Abdullah has become restless as he can’t stay away from power.

BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh questioned Abdullah about being in such a hurry about the formation of the government. “Why cannot he be in peace? He has become restless after the CM’s post was taken away from him. He can’t stay away from power that is why his restlessness is increasing,” he said.

Omar Abdullah tweeted against the statement of BJP.

People in  the state  have many questions in their minds. In valley, people came out and voted in large numbers to get the government but with this stalemate  continuing between two parties they are disappointed.


In Jammu where BJP got all the assembly seats have similar views. People say that they cannot remain under Governor rule when they have elected their government.

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