BJP-PDP Government In J&K? Mehbooba Mufti Praises Her Father’s Decision

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5:08 pm 22 Feb, 2016


Hinting that Jammu & Kashmir People Democratic Party (PDP) might have reached a decision reagrding the government formation in the state, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said that her father, late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, had faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She added that her father believed that only PM Modi could do something for improving the ties between India and Pakistan.

While addressing a party convention for the first time after her father’s death, Mehboooba Mufti said:

“I have belief in Allah and then on the decision of Mufti sahib. Whatever decision is taken would be in the interest of the state, in the interest of our country, and to make J&K a bridge (between India and Pakistan).”



FOR MAIN TRIBUNE: Mehbooba Mufti President PDP.

Mehbooba Mufti President PDP. tribuneindia

Backing the decision of the late Mufti to form the government with BJP, she told party workers, “New Delhi doubts us as much we doubt New Delhi, and this suspicion will not vanish on its own.”

However, she added that to remove the suspicion, late Mufti Sayeed took the big decision to form the government with BJP.

“This was a big sacrifice. He didn’t think of himself, he didn’t think of his party. He thought only about the people. Who does such as thing in these times?” she said.

Emphasizing that Modi-led government has the mandate in the country, she said:

“When Mufti-sahib made the (state) government with the BJP, he thought that if you convince a leader who has come in the power with the huge that India and Pakistan’s reconciliation is important to take Jammu and Kashmir out of this mess, he can do something because he has the power (numbers in Parliament) at his back.”

The PDP president however did not comment on the on-going talks between the two parties regarding the formation of government in the state. She said they will only form the government if it feels Mufti’s dreams can be fulfilled.


President Mehbooba Mufti with brother Syed Tasaduq Hussain. indianexpress

“The (CM’s) chair is not our destination. It is worth it (only) if we feel that by sitting on it we can fulfill the dream of Mufti-sahib; if you get comfort; if there is peace in Jammu and Kashmir; and if Jammu and Kashmir becomes a bridge between India and Pakistan,” she said.

She said ‘only time can tell’ if her party and the BJP would form government in Jammu and Kashmir. The state has been put under Governor’s Rule after Mufti Sayeed passed away in New Delhi on January 7.

On the JNU row, Mehbooba said PDP will talk with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to ensure safety of Kashmiri students studying in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), and other institutions in Delhi and other parts of the country.

Mehbooba, who is also a Member of Parliament (MP) from Anantnag, said she had sent senior party leaders Haseeb Drabu and Amitabh Matoo to JNU to see the situation and ensure safety of the Kashmiri students.




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