Kejriwal Questioned Funding Of Mahesh Sharma’s Daughter’s Wedding, And Got An Epic Reply

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6:23 pm 28 Nov, 2016

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been highly vocal towards opposing PM Modi’s demonetisation move, has held the prime minister responsible for the problems being faced by common people including marriages due to the move.



This time the marriage of BJP MP and tourism minister Mahesh Sharma’s child caught his attention, and in a haste to raise fingers, the AAP chief quickly tweeted and asked how he managed the marriage expenses in Rs 2.5 lakh post demonetisation.

To this, the BJP minister wasted no time in telling the AAP chief that has got the basic information wrong. He corrected him by saying that it was his son who is getting married and not his daughter.



And in his reply, Sharma said that all the payments are made through bank.



Although, Kejriwal hasn’t replied to Sharma’s tweet, he still has an option of saying that whether he is conducting the whole marriage in just Rs. 2.5 lakh or not.

And quickly, Twitterati took this war of tweets with a dash of humor. They called the Delhi CM the ‘marriage lokpal’ and laughed at how many times he got his facts wrong.

Earlier too, Kejriwal first retweeting a misleading picture of a man who had hung himself at a bank in Madhya Pradesh, saying the man had committed suicide because of Modi’s demonetisation move, only to be later corrected that the man had actually gone to rob the bank and took the extreme step when he found out that he’d been surrounded by the Police.

He had also retweeted a photo of Syrian refugee children, claiming they were found at the site of the Kanpur train accident.


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