BJP MLA Gifts Wife A Lamborghini, She Rams It Into An Auto Within An Hour

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4:16 pm 31 Aug, 2016

A video recently went viral on social media in which a Safron Lamborghini car was seen ramming into an auto rickshaw after it lost control at an intersection.

The incident is said to have taken place in Mumbai’s Mira area, with BJP MLA Narendra Mehta’s wife Suman being behind wheels.

News reports say the luxury car was a gift on her birthday and was on its trial run when Suman lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the auto. Fortunately, nobody got hurt in the accident.

MLA Mehta is said to have paid nearly Rs5.5 crore for the car and had even announced about the gift on social media.


Recalling the incident, an eyewitness said that the car came out of the school gate, lost control on the wheel while trying to take a turn and rammed it into a stationery auto parked there.

The impact smashed the auto’s headlight and the driver thus got angry and started shouting, Suman though didn’t step out due to shock and MLA Mehta had to rush outside and take control.

Reports suggest that MLA Mehta immediately compensated the auto driver for the damages and thus no case was filed with the local police.


The car is now said to be parked inside the school premises.

On hearing about the video, MLA Mehta later clarified that the  incident was not as major as the social media is making it out to be and added that his wife has been driving for nearly 18 years.

He said that his wife has driven an Audi and other imported cars and that the car just touched the front of the auto which was otherwise not damaged.


He added that the car is parked inside the school as road-side mechanics cannot repair it.


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