BJP MLA Misses Meeting To Save A Muslim Family Injured In Road Accident

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7:20 pm 25 Jul, 2017


BJP MLA Vipin Kumar David missed his meeting for a very noble deed. David is the MLA from Etah’s Sadar constituency and was on his way to Vidhan Sabha in Lucknow from Agra.

While on his way, David spotted a crowd around an overturned car on Agra-Lucknow Expressway.

According to TOI, the MLA decided to help the gravely injured family, who happened to be Muslims, and in the process skipped his meeting. He also escorted the family to the hospital and left only when their relatives arrived.


The MLA with the injured passengers on the road. Indiatimes


The incident took place on Monday near Aliyarpur Pilkhana village in Unnao district. The car, which had five passengers, was going to Barabanki from Kannauj and had overturned after ramming into the divider. One woman was killed on the spot while four others were gravely injured and taken to Lucknow’s KGMU trauma centre for the treatment.

Vipin Kumar David told TOI:

“It was shocking that people were standing near the victims, but none came to help them. Instead, they kept on dialing to emergency services. I took my guard and driver along with me and went down the roadside. We covered the injured with some pieces of clothes. We gave them water and tried to keep them in a conscious state.”


The MLA who saved lives. Indiatimes

He further added that it took more than 45 minutes for the police response vehicle to arrive.

“The local people sought assistance long before we reached there. We took the injured in an ambulance, in a dial 100 PRV and in another vehicle, and escorted them Lucknow’s KGMU trauma centre.”

The kind MLA dismissed his noble deed in the following words: “It does not matter to me whether they were Muslims or Hindus. As a human being, it was my duty to save their lives and that’s what I did and everyone should do in such situations.”


The injured persons are reported to be undergoing treatment and a case has been filed by the traffic police.

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