BJP MLA Caught On Video Thrashing Toll Plaza Employees Because They Asked For His ID Card

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4:56 pm 25 Aug, 2015

While Prime Minister Modi goes around calling himself the country’s ‘sevak‘ (public servant), it seems his party leaders literally see themselves as ‘sarkars‘ (lords).

A CCTV video footage from Bhopal’s toll plaza has come to light.

The footage is that of BJP MLA Kalu Singh Thakur, who first refuses to pay toll tax because he is an MLA.

He then gets into a physical altercation with toll plaza workers when they ask him to furnish his ID card.


The recorded video is from August 24, when MLA Thakur stopped at Mhow district’s toll plaza near Indore while on his way from Bhopal.

The video shows him getting into an argument with the toll plaza operators.

Thakur is seen throwing a stone at one of the toll plaza employees while his travelling companions attack others with sticks.


The absurdity of the situation was that after the BJP MLA attacked the employees he audaciously went to a nearby police station and filed a case against the tool operators.

While MLAs are exempt from toll tax, the toll plaza employee was not wrong in asking for Thakur’s ID card especially because the MLA was travelling in his private car.

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