BJP Minister Said Internet Existed Even During Mahabharata Days. Tweeple Had A Field Day Trolling Him

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2:44 pm 18 Apr, 2018


Indian politicians and their bizarre opinions go hand in hand. Politicians of our nation are famous for sharing insane views that have got them trolled zillion times. And this time it’s BJP minister, Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb. Biplab heads the BJP-Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura coalition government and was present at an event on PDS i.e. Public Distribution System to express his views on the same. While talking to the audience, Biplab got too carried away and said that internet was there in India during Mahabharata.



Yes! You read that absolutely right. According to Biplab, Internet and satellite were present during the days of Mahabharata. Here’s what he said:


“Many may decline the fact, but if the internet was not there, how Sanjay, could see the war in Kurukshetra and describe it to Dhritarashtra? It means internet was there, the satellites and that technology was there in this country at that time.”


Take a look at the video of his speech here:

Narrating the episode in his speech, he said that Sanjay was not present at the battlefield, but he could still tell Dhritarashtra about what was happening there. His statement left the netizens laughing hard. Soon the video of his speech went viral on the internet and people couldn’t stop trolling his views. Here’s how people reacted to Biplab’s insane remark:










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