BJP Leader, Hina Shafi Bhatt, Slammed On Social Media For Doing Yoga

1:34 pm 24 Jun, 2017


Recently, we saw how trolls targeted Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, and Fatima Sana Sheikh among other women celebrities, for not adhering to what people thought was ideal and ‘moral’. Not only entertainment professionals, even women leaders like Union Minister Smriti Irani faced the wrath of these trolls.

This time, Dr. Hina Shafi Bhat, dental surgeon and a BJP leader from Kashmir, became a matter of discussion on social media. Dr. Hina also faced major trials and tribulations for participating in a yoga event in J&K on Wednesday.


The whole accusation began when a leading newspaper of J&K, Daily Excelsior posted an image of Dr. Hina Bhat on their Facebook page. A multitude of people decided to attack her through trolls for this act, targeting her connection with BJP and slamming her of being against Islam and the ‘Kashmiri struggle’.

Kashmiri men made all types of comments accusing her of sleeping with ministers, to cursing her with obscene and sexist comments. It was evident that most of the men were upset about the fact that Dr. Hina, a Muslim, was doing yoga. More than 200 comments were made on her picture on social media mostly indicating sexist attacks and religious sermons.

A sample of vitriolic hate that Dr. Hina Bhat was subjected to for performing yoga.


People have been asked to remove the comments from social media, however, nobody paid any heed to it. All they wanted was to slam her in the best possible ways.

The first International Yoga Day event was organized in 2015, since then many Islamic and Muslim majority countries have been participating. On the other hand, India faces protest from ‘secular’ nations, and some Muslim quarters, for creating a ‘Hindutva’ agenda.



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