BJP Leader Finds Himself In A Soup On Comparing Dalits With Pigs

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4:44 pm 21 Jun, 2016


BJP MLA Ravindra Chavan, from Maharashtra, is finding himself in a huge controversy after a video of him giving absurd comments went viral.

In that video, Chavan, who is an MLA from Dombivli district, was seen drawing comparison between Dalits and pigs during a event.


The clip, which was shot during the inaugural function of the Smart City Program in Thane, has since then gone viral on social media.

During the inaugural function, Chavan addressed the public and had given an example of former US president Abraham Lincoln picking up a piglet from a drain and cleaning it.




Former US president Abraham Lincoln Hollowverse

After giving the example, Chavan had gone on to add that PM Narendra Modi and Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis too similarly were working hard so as to uplift ‘Dalits’.

The example, that was meant to put Maharashtra CM Fadnavis in a positive light, thus ended up embarrassing him.



It also ended up landing the BJP leader in a huge trouble with the dalit community, as many expressed outrage over what he said.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the opposition too did not let up and vehemently criticised the BJP MLA while demanding an apology.

The bizarre comparison has also angered many Dalit organisations who are now demanding an apology from the MLA, with the district unit of NCP even going a step ahead and organizing a “Naming Ceremony” for a pig, so it can be named Ravindra Chavan.


To make matters worse, the BJP MLA has failed to respond to any question despite many news organizations making several attempts.



This is not the first time that a BJP leader has found himself in trouble for making absurd comments.

Earlier BJP leader VK Singh too had found himself on the receiving end of the opposition when he had compared Dalits with dogs.




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